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Haiti Green

Program Overview

Deforestation in Haiti is a severe environmental problem. In 1923, over 60% of Haiti’s land was forested; by 2006, less than 2% was.

Deforestation sped up after Hurricane Hazel downed trees throughout the island in 1954. Beginning in about 1954, concessionaires stepped up their logging operations, in response to Port-au-Prince’s intensified demand for charcoal, thus accelerating deforestation, which had already become a problem because of environmentally unsound agricultural practices, rapid population growth, and increased competition over scarce land. Rather than using techniques which could make forestry more productive for fuel, like coppicing and pollarding, the lack of title on much land results in charcoal burners digging up and using tree root structures. There is also a less discussed problem with feral goats which overgraze and eat seedlings that might otherwise replace ground cover.

The most direct effect of deforestation is soil erosion. An estimated 15,000 acres (61 km2) of topsoil are washed away each year, with erosion also damaging other productive infrastructure such as dams, irrigation systems, roads, and coastal marine ecosystems. Soil erosion also lowers the productivity of the land, worsens droughts, and eventually leads to desertification, all of which increase the pressure on the remaining land and trees.

Our mission:  Plant 200 million trees in Haiti by the year 2030.  Make Haiti green!

How We Work

In each of our adopted schools, we implement a leadership program designed to groom Haitian students as guardians of the environment, and the leaders who will make Haiti green by 2030, and keep it green.  We fund programs that can be easily replicated from one area of the country to the next.  These programs produce repeatable and reliable results, and empower the Haitian people to:

  1. Stop deforestation and restore the environment.
  2. Grow and nurture new forests.
  3. Produce food surplus.
What We Do

Through our global campaign “Adopt a Tree“, we work to engage Haitians across the globe to rebuild Haiti one tree at a time.

Planting a tree in Haiti is the perfect way for Haitians at home and in the diaspora to show they care.  As a global movement, “Adopt a Tree” envisions a day each year, when the entire country stops and each Haitian citizen at home and abroad takes the time to plant a tree, and honor the environment.  We invite Haitians around the globe to plant trees for all of these occasions: birth, graduation, wedding, birthday, get-well wish, or in memory of someone special.  Through 2030, The Haitian Alliance aims to plant 200 million trees in the land of Haiti.

How You Make a Difference

Click on the “Click to Plant” button on the left to start the process.  You have the ability to set the number of trees you want to adopt, 1, 10, or 100.  You may also visit our Adopt a Tree Page for details on the use of funds, and different giving options. We honor your commitment to making Haiti Green & Literate by 2030, and we thank you for your support.

Your expertise in agriculture, reforestation, and ways to transform the landscape in Haiti, and the gift of your time to help design and implement our programs in Haiti are invaluable.

Contact us directly to get involved.